• Essay: What is E-commerce, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

    Read this article to understand more about E-commerce and dropshipping. E-commerce is selling goods to someone on a online platform without ever seeing them. The last couple of decades there has been a big electronical development where the whole transaction is carried out on something called the internet. Take Amazon for example, founded by Jef Bezos on the fifth of july in 1996. Currently holding the value of 315 billion dollar and still growing. This year they will open a gigantic distribution...

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  • Essay: Why should you use AliExpress for dropshipping?

    Why AliExpress for Dropshipping? AliExpress is a large commercial center with a wide selection of items you can offer in your store. Since a large portion of the AliExpress dealers is abroad producers, their costs are very competitive. You can pay for products at wholesale prices and have them outsourced straightforwardly to your clients. While AliExpress may position itself as an online retailer, most vendors on AliExpress understand that a large number of their clients are resellers and are more...

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  • 8 Ways to Get Traffic and promote your Blog

    Hello Everyone! In my last post I gave tips on how to increase traffic to your webstore, one of the tips was to start writing blogs on a regular base. After getting questions from my community about how to create a steady base of readers I decided to give you some tips! 1. Make sure you have a good title that covers the story in a good and interesting way. 2. Know your particular Niche! 3. Add video's to your...

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